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Venture into the mind of a raving loony

Lady Aerin's Journal

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Lady Aerin Firehair
17 June
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My name is Brittany, but on the internet I'm more commonly known as Aerin. I am a freshman at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, planning on majoring in screenwriting. I am addicted to wall art and name my computers (yes, that is plural) after characters from Lord of the Rings. After having dial-up internet practically my whole life, I am enjoying the crap out of my shiny broadband connection, which means I am posting more or less incessantly. For some reason, there are people who actually read my journal regularly. I don't understand this. Anyway, add me and I might add you back, if you're interesting and literate.

Because I am a consumer whore and poor, feel free to peruse my Amazon wish list.

I read webcomics. Lots and lots of webcomics. Because I've just learned how much I need a backup list of my trawls aside from my bookmarks, here's the list, in alphabetical order for lack of anything better. It's a very long list, but they're all awesome. I might actually provide descriptions of these at some point in the future, but would you look at how many there are? Sheesh, I'm not just made of time, you know.

9th Elsewhere
Arthur, King of Time and Space
A Softer World
Astronaut Elementary
Blue Crash Kit
Checkerboard Nightmare
Chopping Block
Count Your Sheep
Crap I Drew on my Lunch Break
Daily Dinosaur Comics
Digger - archives by subscription only
Evil Inc.
FLEM Comics
Gossamer Commons
Greystone Inn - concluded
Help Desk
Home on the Strange
Killer Robots from Space
Least I Could Do
Lore Brand Comics
Medium Large
Midnight Macabre
Nahast: Lands of Strife
Narbonic - archives by subscription only
New Gold Dreams
No Rest for the Wicked
On the Playground
Penny Arcade
Perry Bible Fellowship
Queen of Wands
Questionable Content
Real Life Comics
Road Waffles
RPG World
Sam and Fuzzy
Scary Go Round
Skinny Panda
Something Positive
Sore Thumbs
Starslip Crisis
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Theater Hopper
The Devil's Panties
The Order of the Stick
The Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat
Todd and Penguin
Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch
VG Cats
White Ninja Comics
You Damn Kid!

Websnark - Not a comic, but a webcomics-related blog that is fantastically good fun.
Comixpedia.org - Wikipedia for webcomics, without all the snobbery. I'm a contributor whenever I have time, which is very rarely of late.

Comics to be read as soon as I can spare enough time for an archive trek, in no particular order:
Gin and the Devil
Her: Girl versus Pig
Sluggy Freelance
College Roommates from Hell!
User Friendly
Diesel Sweeties
Casey and Andy
Alpha Shade
Home Run
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